Monday, September 27, 2010

1850 Darkwynn's Blood Angel list for Adepticon

I have been play testing intensively for Adepticon already tweaking and working around a 1850 list trying to make Blood Angels work. I wanted to get away from the Guard feel and try not to relay so much on mechanized units. Main reason being point cost and really the Space marine units not strong enough compared to other codexs when you are comparing vehicles vs vehicles. Which brings me to the list I think I am going to play at Adepticon and across the country this year.

Blood Angels 1850.

Astroth the Grim
Librarian Sanguine sword might of heroes, Epistolary Jump pack.
Sanguniary Guard two IP , PF, Chapter Banner
Sanguinary priest 1 with power armour
Sanguniary priest 1 with Jump pack and power sword
10 man Assault squad with powerfist and two melta guns
10 man tactical squad with lascannon and flamer
10 man scout squad with power weapon. Haven't decided on 4 sniper rifles and a heavy bolter or just camo cloaks and bolt pistols.
2 5 man devastor squads with 4 missile launchers
2 attack bikes with Multi meltas
2 attack bikes with Multi meltas.

The big thing around this list is I have been fun playing it and it forces me to use more tactics around the game such as using terrain, threading assaults and intermixing units.

Let me know what you guys think, I know its different from a lot of other things and some people might understand how the list is used or works but it seems to hold very strong against mech in a lot of ways.


  1. That's a really good list, Darkwynn. It has a lot of variables and as long as some good terrain is available you'll have units that can deal with anything. Lists like that are what scare me the most - Tons of good units that can dish out some damage if pointed in the right direction, lots of threats that require attention but stuff that does not stop the steam of your army.
    Tell me if you are in the Illinois area. I'd love to face your list with my Wolves and Orkz.

  2. Very different then what we see... of course once you win with it, that's all we'll see at wargames con ;-).

    Do the tac marines have a ride of any kind, or are they just on foot?

  3. Cant see the use in scouts or the tac squad D:! I would replace the Guard with termies and deep strike them in to give you a hammer where needed.

  4. Shawn,

    The Tac marines did have a ride as a razorback but it just gets destroyed every time and I do have the consideradation to keep it in the list as it provides cover for my groups but with two forward units I don't really need a reach out tank.

    Tac squad and scout squads are the hidden MVP's in the list actually. Against Nids and Daemons the list would otherwise fold. I need the bolters and weapons to cause wounds on high initiative units that I can't take out in. Assault. AS for the terminators they just don't work after I hit one unit I can't get to my next unit from good players. Yes I don't have invulnerable save but giving the group cover from other means makes them stay alive the whole game.

  5. I really like the list and hope more people follow in the inclination away from mech and towards laughing at lascannons and melta-spam.
    I would personally skip Astoroth and his Black Rage and go for another unit, perhaps more attack bikes or a small chaplain if you are worried about the jumping group to break.
    A tech-marine with JP and C-melta could be a nice addition, reinforcing a ruin aswell.