Sunday, July 11, 2010

Team America World Police!

European Championship Team America
“The American Roster”

The European Championship is coming up right around the corner and America is sending a team to represent our great country. We will do battle with 50 other countries to battle out to the top. That being said these are the people that are going to represent America (

Ben Mohlie

Past 40k Accomplishments::
3rd place Adepticon Gladiator 09, Best Hybrid Army Adepticon '09. 3rd place team Adepticon '10, and Best Team Sportsman. And most notably, managing the challenges of getting Team America halfway around the world and back.

Where you live and your profession
I am a scientist at a research and development company in Cambridge, MA.

What army you are going to play
Space Marines

Why you wanted to be on Team America
I learned about the existence of the ETC almost exactly a year ago. I immediately knew America needed to participate in this event and prove that the best 40 players in the world live in the USA. There has never been an American team, or any team from outside of Europe.

I began by contacting players I knew were amongst the best in the country, and eventually found six that were willing to make the time and financial commitment to go. I also knew it was important to award some of the spots competitively, so the last two positions on the team were awarded at Adepticon based on the results of the individual tournaments there. It has been a long and difficult process, but I have no doubt every member of Team America is one of the best players in the Nation. Interest in the team, and the event itself have exploded since then, and I am confident there will be an American team at the ETC from now on.

By attending this year, we will turn the European Team Championship, into the World Team Championship. Twenty five countries are currently signed up, and this will be the first year any country from outside of Europe has attended. The organizers of this event have created something wonderful and important for the game of 40k. The format of the tournament is very well thought out and sophisticated, and whatever country wins can truly claim to be the best in the world. Team America is excited to participate and represent the USA!

Greg Sparks

Where do I live?
Perrysburg, OH (Toledo) - which is way too close to Detroit. Someone needs to pave over that city.

What is my profession?
Senior Process Engineer (aka: Jack of all Trades Master of None) - Okay well maybe a master of a few things.
As of now - I'm having to do a lot of work to cater to hippies. Technical speak - reviewing and setting up our facilities to be in compliance with the various environmental regulations that are being released over the next few years. Plus a periodic, major plant expansion here and there.

What will I be playing?
As far as what army I'll be playing, I'm sticking with a favorite of mine - Eldar. It's just some random uncompetitive build. Nothing to see here.

Why do I want to be on Team America?
This is an unique experience where I can 1) represent this great country of ours, 2) have a fun trip with a great group of players/friends, and 3) meet & beat some Euros.

What are my past 40K Accomplishments?
Oh - where do I begin. I would say my top three 40K accomplishments include 1) The fact that I'm still playing this game after almost 20 years, 2) Finishing 900+ hours of sculpting, converting and painting my Chaos force over approximately 3 1/2 years (btw - I never want to do that again), and 3) Getting +16 combat resolution against Dakka Detachment One's blood crushers.

Mike Mutscheller

Where do I live?
Victory Town USA

What is my profession?
Contractor/Project Manager - just to keep it simple, I run multi-million projects for a large construction company.

What will I be playing?
Chaos Space Marines

Why do I want to be on Team America?
Because Greg is making me.

What are my past 40K Accomplishments?
2007 US GW Tournament Circuit Winner. Almost fulfilling my indentured servitude to Greg. Does anyone want to take my place in Greg's AdeptiCon Team? If you are reading this, I'm locked in a basement. Send aid to 555.............

We had a special Interview for the one and only John Willingham… the following was captured below in his own words.

The following was interviewed in front of a live audience, many of which later described the interview as breath taking.

Interviewer: Your Name?
JW: Jon "The Man" Willingham
I: Who gave you the title... the man?
JW: First of all its pronounced "The Man" and second of all its Dr. "The Man" to you. Titles are not given, they are taken.

I: Were are you from.
JW: I was forged in the shadows of Detroit... the very bowels of Ohio, most know it as Toledo.

I: What is it you do when not playing 40k?
JW: Can I say being God-Like?
I: No..
JW: Then being God-Like. I also work for a Fall Protection company, but thats only part time to my first profession.

I: What army will you being using in the European Team Championships?
JW: Well it won't be called that once I'm done with it...
I: The army or the tournament?
JW: Both...
I: But which army?
I: ...
JW: Mostly Space Wolves.

I: What distinguishes you as a player worthy to represent America?
JW: One time, I tabled a newb by turn 4.
I: That doesn't really count as...
JW: Blindfolded.
I: Oh!
JW: Additionally I'm awesome. To add to that resume: I placed first in the 2008 and 2058 (yeah I know) Adepticon Championships. I got 3rd in the same tournament this year. Won the Adepticon Team Tournament in 2009 single handedly... but also along with my team. I once tied the Mike Mutscheller. I have night vision. Scatter dice always point to me, which counts as a hit. I one time won a game of Battle Fleet Gothic, with a fantasy army. Deamon players ask me which half I prefer. A sisters army need only roll less than me to activate an act of faith. I prefer all enemies. I've never needed to re-roll to hit or wound. I can preemptively steal my own initiative. My army lists have won Pulitzers. On a final note, I'm awesome.

Wyatt "Paintraina" Traina

Where do I live?
Cambridge, MA

What is my profession?
Dental Student. Workin on collectin teef ta but a new shoota.

What will I be playing?
Footie Orks

Why do I want to be on Team America?
Because Ben convinced me that I wanted to go. Plus I want to be part of the first group of Americans to win this.

What are my past 40K Accomplishments?
Best Hybrid Army Adepticon '09. 8th place Gladiator Adepticon '10. 3rd place team Adepticon '10, and Best Team Sportsman. Best Overall Boston Brawl '10. Best Sportsman Da Boyz GT '09. Gold sci-fi single mini Boston Brawl '10.

What is your name - Shaun Kemp

What army will you be playing - Tyranids, because that was what was left.

And your Club Affiliation - DaBoyz

What do you do for a living - Allstate Insurance Sales. Also a part owner in my local hobby shop - Boldo's Armory in upstate New York.

Your reason for attending - I was lucky enough to be one of the few players that Ben actually knew when he was putting this together.

What are some of your past Warhammer accomplishments - I know I won 3 overall GT's (Baltimore, Chicago and Canada back when they had them) along with some best General, Best Army and Sportsman awards. How I won that last category, I'll never know. I also have an army domination coin somewhere - Woot!!! I was also able to participate on a winning team at a small local tournament called Adepticon. Sorry I don't have all the exact details. I can't refer to my trophy's which are set up as a shrine to worship like Muetschler nor have I taken the time to list my victories in a detailed spreadsheet format like Sparks.

What do you think will be some of the hardest challenges you'll face -

1) With different national languages and accents, communication might be a little difficult. Although I believe the handshake is known universally (as well as the middle finger).
2) Keep myself from staring at Ben's wife's "Assets" as she brings me my warm beer.
3) Putting up with Paul Miglino for over 16 hours of straight travel time - each way no less.

What do you hope will be some of your greatest accomplishments -

1) Bringing home the Gold.
2) Taking Jon Willingham over to Amsterdam and finally have him turned into a man.
3) Putting up with Paul Miglino for over 16 hours of straight travel time - each way no less.

Do you know that you have picked on almost every member of your team with this interview?

Why, who have I missed?

Wyatt Traina and Nick Rose.

Well Wyatt is easy. He's just Wyatt - nothing more needs to be said. Nick on the other hand, I don't really know too well. For all I know, he could be the only other valuable player on the team. Besides, from what little I've heard about him, I don't want to go and offend his "delicate sensibilities". This is being posted on BOLS after all.

On a serious note: I consider it a priviledge to be on the team and truly think very highly of my fellow teammates.

Paul Miglino

Where do I live?
Deptford, NJ (Originally from Philadelphia, PA)

What is my profession?
I manage an equity trading desk for an Investment Advisory Firm.

What will I be playing?
Blood Angels

What is your Club Affiliation?
Wrecking Crew

Why do I want to be on Team America?
It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to play with and against the very best. Not to mention the rare chance to play overseas, in a hobby you love and sacrificed so much for, and all the while pushing around tin soldiers.

What are my past 40K Accomplishments?
Adepticon Gladiator 2010 (3rd Place)
Baltimore Games Day in 2009 (Best General)
Las Vegas 2008 40K GT (6th Place)
Currently ranked 4th Overall in the country according to the HQ Ranking system.
Won numerous local rogue trader events and have finished consecutive years in the top standings on the 40K Circuit.

Nick “Darkwynn” Rose

Where do I live? Austin, Texas

What is my profession?
I manage a 10 million dollar Storage Business in Upstate New York and Connecticut for Dell Inc.

What will I be playing? Imperial Guard

Why do I want to be on Team America?
After qualifying at Adepticon for Team America I thought it would be a once in a life time event and you only live once right? Hoping to bring back some glory for America in the Singles Championship and the European team Championship and of course extend the reach of Bell of Lost Souls to Europe.

What are my past 40K Accomplishments? Adepticon Gladiator 2010 1st, Ard boyz 2009 1stplace, Adepticon Singles, BolsCon Head Judge, Adepticon 4th 2008, Gladiator 2009 5th place.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Movement phase? Why does'nt anyone ever talk about it

During 4th of July week I ran into John Willingham a teammate of mine for the European Team championship. We started to discuss the warhammer 40k list that the Europeans are using and just had a great laugh. I feel confident that we are going to do very well over there but I started to think lets not get too far ahead of ourselves. I can't judge a list by its cover entirely.

I don't want to go into list strengths, building redundancy, focusing on shooting or assault phase but why doesn't anyone ever talk about the movement phase? Personally its one of the most important phases in the game and once you have a better grasp around it it can make a huge difference in a game.

For example understanding your space between say a Leman Russ Demolisher and the range of the Demolisher cannon being 24 inches to 30 inches. If I know I can maneuver my unit around that distance I can effectively take that unit out of the picture and worry about other threats. The same goes for melta guns or the distance that transports can deliver those units. The thing I am saying is you can mitigate the damage in the movement phase and understand when you are taking risk you can focus and break down your opponents list much better then just going crazy with no plan. javascript:void(0)

Everyone loves the Psyker hoods on the Librarians and I find it amusing now. I have put players into this position multiple times even with Psyker Battle squads understanding the range on their weaken resolve or even their soulstorm blast is 36 inches. Every time I target a unit or fire soul storm I always make sure that the librarian is 24 inches away and he doesn't even have a chance of stopping the power.

So I guess I wonder do people ever consider the smaller intricacies of the movement phase or do they really understand how much actually happens during that time?