Thursday, September 2, 2010

40k: Interview - Top GT Tread Heads - Part 4

40k: Interview - Top GT Tread Heads - Part 4

We are picking back up with the interview between IG heavy hitters Rob Baer, Paul Murphy, Nick Rose and Jon Wolf. We hope you've been reading from the start and look forward to your questions and comments.
Rob Baer - MBG says: I love blowing up tervigons
Rob Baer - MBG says:
Rob Baer - MBG says: I dont think MC nids can make it though to the second line.
Nicholas says: You don't run into MC nids much anymore, they don't work in 5th. At least not in America.
Jon says: Also reserving your short range meltavets is not a terrible choice against a list like that
Rob Baer - MBG says: the trick is to move up 6" and still fire the guys in side, OR dump them out
Jon says: empty boxes to wall them off, guys behind giving them melta/plasma love. Plasma is very worth having again, with nids and BA.
Paul says: Nick.. It does seem like the rest of the world has some whacked out opinions on how to build a list. Is that just because the play environment is so different over there?
Nicholas says: Ya, and people are more precise with their movements. America plays fast and loose, Europeans are a lot tighter in their game and the metagame is very different
Jon says: They play 3 hour games and they play to draw. So assault those bastards.
Nicholas says: only in the ETC not in the ESC that was designed to help with the language barrier
Paul says: People playing for draws from the start annoy the crap out of me but that is my inner blood angel talking.
Rob Baer - MBG says: yep
Nicholas says: That is what the ETC is designed for though its going to happen in the singles it happend some what but not as much or on purpose at least
Paul says: How so?
Nicholas says: People in singles only did it when they knew they were loosing and withdrew everything or push back where they would not loose and were conservative. Americans play big or go home and in the ETC they never took the bait I waited and tried to bait so many people.
Paul says: Trying to hold on to points after your initial plan for the win has failed isn't so bad, I don't guess.
Nicholas says: and they never did it or went for it. I played the Czech republic guy who was awesome to play against but he came to the table and said i am here to draw and he never went for the bait at all.
Jon says: To be fair, you were on their radar
Nicholas says: 5 times and they said I am here to do my job and that is it. Jon, ya, that is true. My experience was different from everyone else. Others on the team had a lot different experience.
Paul says: I suppose taking one for the team is honorable.. still.. not how I prefer to play.. I am a knuckle dragging american.
Nicholas says: Greg sparks and I were designed to Chew glass that whole week though and we chewed it with pride
Paul says: Ok. We have mostly talked about BA and a little nids Do the same strats that work for BAs work for Wolves?
Nicholas says: Wolves are very different
Paul says: I mean.. they do have 15 MLs that can shoot 6 targets a turn
Nicholas says: You need to take out the long fangs first then you can have room to move around the table.
Paul says: So what are you using for that?
Nicholas says: Hydras are great for it. Then multi laser out the other squad and hit it with a psyker battle squad to buy yourself time.
Rob Baer - MBG says: I love hydras
Paul says: I think we can all agree that hydras are a must have right?
Nicholas says: Yes
Rob Baer - MBG says: You know when they break, they are near the edge to begin with
Jon says: I don't play Hydras buy they are awesome.
Rob Baer - MBG says: ...
Nicholas says: Hydras should be in every list at lest two in a squadron
Rob Baer - MBG says: I love the 30 shot squad for 255 points
Paul says: Two is plenty
Nicholas says: Ya, only problem with hydras they have to stay still to do most of their damage
Rob Baer - MBG says: Agreed
Jon says: Two without the stubbers, I think. Just stock.
Ok readers – that is going to wrap up the interview excerpts for now. The conversation goes on from here and gets quite detailed. Check back next week for more! Thank you very much for following along this far and we hope you are enjoying it. - tpm


  1. This whole little chain of excerpts from the interview was great. It introduced me to some new ideas and exposed me to a handful of different blogs I don't normally follow. Please do more of these.