Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dark Eldar List I think I am happy with.

So I wanted to try the new version of Army Builder and I am actually very happy with it. Here is the HTML list of what comes out of the new format along with the tournament view.

1850 Pts - Dark Eldar Roster - Nick Rose "Darkwynn" Dark Eldar 1850 Kabal of the Orange Blossom

1850 Pts - Dark Eldar Roster - Nick Rose "Darkwynn" Dark Eldar 1850 Kabal of the Orange Blossom

Total Roster Cost: 1849

Archon- Kakashi Hosokawa (1#, 170 pts)

1 Archon, 170 pts = (base cost 60 + Huskblade 35 + Soul-trap 10 + Phantasm Grenade Launcher 25) + Combat Drugs 10 + Shadow Field 30

Haemonclulus Yokoi Shonon (1#, 80 pts)

1 Haemonculus, 80 pts = (base cost 50 + Venom Blade 5 + Liquifier Gun x1 10) + Shattershard 15

Elite: Hekatrix Bloodbrides (10#, 242 pts)

8 Hekatrix Bloodbrides, 134 pts = 8 * 13 (base cost 13) + Hydra Gauntlets x3 30

1 Syren, 43 pts = (base cost 23 + Agoniser 20)

1 Raider, 65 pts = (base cost 60) + Enhanced Aethersails 5

Incubi - Kaskashi Bodyguard and Saumrai (8#, 219 pts)

7 Incubi, 154 pts = 7 * 22

1 Raider, 65 pts = (base cost 60) + Enhanced Aethersails 5

Kabalite Trueborn- Elite Bushido (5#, 173 pts)

4 Kabalite Trueborn, 108 pts = 4 * 12 (base cost 12) + Blaster x4 60

1 Venom, 65 pts = (base cost 55 + -10) + Splinter Cannon x2 20

Kabalite Warriors- Bushido (6#, 120 pts)

5 Kabalite Warriors, 60 pts = 5 * 9 (base cost 9) + Blaster x1 15

1 Raider, 60 pts

Kabalite Warriors- Bushido (6#, 120 pts)

5 Kabalite Warriors, 60 pts = 5 * 9 (base cost 9) + Blaster x1 15

1 Raider, 60 pts

Kabalite Warriors- Bushido (6#, 130 pts)

5 Kabalite Warriors, 60 pts = 5 * 9 (base cost 9) + Blaster x1 15

1 Venom, 70 pts = (base cost 55 + -10) + Splinter Cannon x2 20 + Grisly Trophies 5

Kabalite Warriors- Bushido (6#, 125 pts)

5 Kabalite Warriors, 60 pts = 5 * 9 (base cost 9) + Blaster x1 15

1 Venom, 65 pts = (base cost 55 + -10) + Splinter Cannon x2 20

Scourges - Kazoku of the Blossom (5#, 130 pts)

5 Scourges, 130 pts = 5 * 22 (base cost 22) + Haywire Blaster x2 20

Scourges - Kazoku of the Blossom (5#, 130 pts)

5 Scourges, 130 pts = 5 * 22 (base cost 22) + Haywire Blaster x2 20

Heavy Support: Ravager (1#, 105 pts)

1 Ravager, 105 pts

Heavy Support: Ravager (1#, 105 pts)

1 Ravager, 105 pts

Validation Report:

b-2. Apocalypse Allies: Trusted Allies only; 1. Dark Eldar Army: Kabal; c-1. File Version: 1.11a For Bug Reports/; IA Ammunition: Use Improved Bombs, Use Advanced Bombs, Use Special Ammunition; b-1. Roster Options: Apocalypse, Generic Unit, Imperial Armour, Special Characters; a-1. Scenario: Normal Mission

Roster satisfies all enforced validation rules

Composition Report:

~[#c_Form_]: 0 (- - 0)

~[#c_Other_]: 13 (- - 0)

~[#c_Legend_]: 0 (- - 0)

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  1. My list has a lot of similarities. I jacked the Haemonculus to an Ancient with flesh gauntlet so he can trash some TWC.

    Bloodbrides are the sheet !


  2. I find it curious that you have almost no protective war gear on your raiders. I understand that it is very expensive and i have to say that i am fighting for points in my list, but have also had that war gear save my vehicles several times. Is this just because I am not being careful enough with my skimmers? I would like to hear your justification. Also why do you have only 5 warriors in a raider; why not put them in a venom instead?

  3. @ Dantheman:
    Shadowfields just are rarely worth the points except maybe in the first turn and even then only against things like Long Fang Missile Launchers or IG HW Teams. Everything else that should fire at DE vehicles are mounted on

    vehicles which can move 6" and be in range to shoot them.

    Flickerfields, personally are not worth it...when your opponent puts 3 penetrating hits on you, blocking 1 (statistically) is not going to save your Raider; not when our vehicles effectively let most weapons act as AP 1 (hence why Melta is so good across the 40k Meta), nor if someone manages to get AP 1 against your Raiders. Regardless, long time DE players know how to use cover and get 4+ saves without having to turbo Raiders each round; its really not that hard.

    If only putting 5 warriors in a Raider, you get the "free" mobile Dark Lance instead of the 12 SC shots.

    I'm still playing around with using a Haemi...Shattershard and Flesh gauntlet just in case...the free token is nice but the Shattershard is the real point of the Haemi.

    This list is VERY different from mine, although it would play very similar.

  4. @ BBF
    Also, Trueborn with Splinter Cannons and Shardcarbines?and normal Raider Squads wreck ThunderCav, why would you bother to assault them>

  5. I like the list and hope it works out for you.

    Have you got any idea how to model the haywire blasters on your scourges yet?

    And when will we see pictures of your models in your blog?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hopefully soon Speedfreak. GW has a picture of the haywire blaster in the book. I might wait till they come out with new models though and just use the old ones as hold overs.

    As for Yergerjo he is pretty much spot on why I did things the way I did. hopefully the list will work out for me and I won't have any problems. IG will still be an issue.

  8. IG will always be a problem. Too many cheap S6+ weapons. Seriously, a Chimera with Multilaser and Heavy Bolter should be able to penetrate a Raider at least 2x each turn; plus DE vs IG our Lances only provide any benefit against the Lemon Russ, against AV 12 we suddenly get missile launchers...

  9. nah , missile launchers are cheaper , more prolific (on imperial armies) and have longer range.

    Lances suck, they needed a bost in 5th and did not get it, it holds the book back from being truly good enough to cut it at the top. Its priced as a lascannon while being worse.

    I would say your list will struggle vs mech, especially IG , but its essentially impossible to build one that wont, so yours is about as good as can be expected, I would however personally really miss the third Ravager especially @ 1850

    I have mixed feelings about hekatrix's too , I honestly dont get why you have gone with hydras over shard/imp ? and the lack of armour is a problem when their vehicle explodes/ they get stranded out of combat, Im having trouble with mine in transports and am considering a WWP instead.

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  11. Darkwynn, I know this is an old post, but I wanted to ask you a few questions.

    Shattershard - I see that you take it in every iteration of a list, why do you like it? A Toughness test is nice, but seems many of the things you may want to use it on, have high toughnesses. A seer council may be nice, but wolf cavalry only fail on a 6.

    Haywire blasters - I ran the scourges for several games, and eventually put them to the side to play some other things, do you find them that useful?

    I am going to go back and watch the battle report against goatboy and see how they worked in those games.

    Lastly, did you free hand the blossoms? Great looking army. I'm considering doing a similiar effect, perhaps with thorns as well on my dark vehicles to get them to 'pop'. I'll be at wargames con, so if you see an army that looks a little similar (paint wise) give me a yell.

  12. I also have a Haemi with a Shattershard, although honestly I've used the template once. The Haemi just gives my Incubi a Pain Token and then just hangs out on the Raider while they tear it up.

    It is a potential game changing element which your opponent should keep in consideration. You don't worry about high toughness creatures as everything else is poison...who cares about ThunderCav, Warriors shoot them this is good for potentially removing annoying Eternal Warriors and models from players who use Casino Dice and roll 5+ 2/3rds of the time.